OpenCDE seleccionado para el TOOLING CHALLENGE 2016 de HL7 International

Clinical Document Engeneering ha desarrollado un visor capaz de representar documentos HL7 CDA R2 C-CDA & ISO27932, integrando además un visor DICOM para imágenes diagnósticas y abierto a extensiones como los servicios Blue-Button, para que un paciente pueda visualizar también sus propios documentos clínicos.

Published today at La Vanguardia, a newspaper from Barcelona.


Clinical Document Engineering, S.L. (CDE) is a company that offers solutions and services for all the phases of the clinical documents life cycle

Every day, Healthcare Organizations in Europe and the United States generate more than 10 million documents (reports, authorizations, etc.) with a very low access level of access and weak custody.

Barriers for sharing information on between Healthcare Organizations represents the main cause of 80% of medical errors.

Laws are increasingly demanding protection and confidentiality of clinical information, requiring the application of security and privacy protocols based on accredited standards.

Any evaluation of medical outcomes depends on the information recorded in clinical documents.

At patient care point the point of patient care is where the most critical decisions are made, and where less clinical information is accessible.

Healthcare Organizations evolution, depends on their ability to implement international standards to effectively use and share clinical information.

We have developed OpenCDE, a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solution independent from any Health Care Information System. It provides services for digital archive, custody, access and structuring of clinical documents, according to HL7 CDA - ISO 27932 standard, in a safe and confidential way.


The entrepreneurship team is composed by:

Jaime Delgado Mercé

Full Professor at the Computer Architecture Department of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Leading the DMAG (Distributed Multimedia Applications Group) research group. CEO of MediaTG Platforms, S.L., a spin-off of the UPC exploiting some of the research results of the DMAG, such as a platform for the development of secure multimedia distributed applications.

Martí Pàmies Solà

A computer engineer certified by HL7 International in Clinical Document Architecture (CDA R2) and HL7 V2.7 electronic data interchange messaging standards. During his professional career has designed and built several healthcare information systems, from an initial role of developer, to the technical leadership and direction of multidisciplinary development teams in healthcare interoperability projects.

Josep Vilalta Marzo

Expert in Conceptual Modeling, Use Cases, Agile Methodologies and Clinical Controlled Vocabularies in Healthcare Information Systems. Certified in UML by OMG, and Clinical Document Architecture Specialist by HL7. Former Secretary of HL7 Spain, current member of IHE Spain and VICO OPEN MODELING’s CEO, leading eHealth interoperability projects with service-oriented architecture and open platforms.

helps to share clinical information between health organizations, patients and healthcare providers duly authorized, through a collaboration network that facilitates continuous improvement of patient care.


Sharing clinical information between Health Organizations, Patients and Professionals duly authorized, through a collaborative network that enables continuous improvement of care.


Standardize. Structuring clinical documents, compliant with HL7 CDA standard, starting from documents or datasets provided by Healthcare Organizations' system

Clinical Terminology

Coding medical reports using multilingual terminology standards.


Storing and safekeeping clinical documents, applying security, privacy and confidentiality rules established at international and state level by health care organizations and also by patients.

Alerts and Advises

Generating alerts, reminders and advice, in order to avoid claims and to make professionals' clinical practice more agile and safe.


Providing access to clinical information from any "Patient Point of Care", even using mobile devices


24 hours / 7 days

Easy access to patient clinical documents so that all actors authorized actors by a Health Organization, and always with patient consent, can view and share relevant clinical information with a large territorial scalability. "

"24 hours / 7 days" availability of clinical documents safeguarded at DACS, even during the occurrence of a computer disaster at Healthcare Organization.

The inviolability of original document contents, using a set of encryption systems, meeting international security and confidentiality requirements (HIPAA, Data Protection Act, etc.). "

Custody and ownership of clinical documents stored at DACS with all legal guarantees for their integrity, security and confidentiality, defining its own privacy rules.

The independence from health information systems providers (HIS, EHR). OpenCDA services suit to any application on the market

A more agile and safer healthcare activity, reducing incidents as consulted documents are displayed together with alerts, reminders and guidelines on good clinical practice.


OpenCDE provides to Healthcare Organizations a secure and confidential services platform to manage their documents through a "Document Archiving and Communication System" (DACS).


One payment of € 3,000
  • 3 to 6 months duration
  • Up to 50,000 documents
  • upto 3 target document transformation to CDA
  • Cloud / On-site. to choose
  • Unlimited documents queries.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited mobile devices.
  • Unlimited workstations.


€ 0.09 / New Document
  • Just one payment per document.
  • Cloud or On-site. To choose
  • Discount on documents blocks.
  • Custom rates for large volumes.
  • Unlimited documents queries.
  • Unlimited users.
  • Unlimited mobile devices.
  • Unlimited workstations.
  • Documents access availability, 24/7
  • Security, Privacy and Confidentiality.


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